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Musical Monday – Full of Fire by The Knife

The Knife is coming out with a new album – hooray! If this song is any indication, it will be weird and good. If the video is any indication….well, I can’t imagine what this video would be an indication of. Check it out:

The Knife’s new album, ‘Shaking the Habitual’, comes out on April 8. You can pre-order it here (if you cannot wait for madness to find you and must instead seek it out).


Musical Monday – “We Share Our Mother’s Health” by The Knife

“Take me somewhere weird,” I told my iTunes as I put it on shuffle. It took me to The Knife.

My favorite song by The Knife, it has everything I like about them – weird, jerky sounds on top of steady electronic percussion, with slightly distorted vocals. The voices work together very well here – and they are both from the same woman with the pitch changed. Read the rest of this entry