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The 2012 Album Review Part 2

Here we are again. Lot of new music this year. I covered the first half of the year (or so) in the Half-Year Album Review 2012, so check that out again if you’d like. This will cover the other albums I listened to. At the end, I’ll compile both lists – just the artist names and album titles – into the system I use, so you can compare and undoubtedly complain and argue with me. Do so! I enjoy music conversations, and also showing other people that they are wrong.

Without further nonsense, the 2012 Album Review:

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Musical Monday – So Many Days by Julie Doiron

I haven’t formed an opinion on this yet, but you can listen to the full album here.

I really loved ‘Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars’ even though it was terribly depressing. I’ve heard her other albums are similar, in the sense that she doesn’t make happy albums.