Twenty Sided Tale – I visit here for the gaming, but stay for the intelligent and thoughtful posts on anything, really.

Culture of Science – Science blog by Sheril Kirshenbaum – she’s good, check it out.

Lowering the Bar – Law humor. It’s good, I promise. – Nedroid might be the best web cartoonist.

Three Guys Beer Blog – I have this bookmarked as “Two Nicks and a Jeremy.” Full Disclosure: I know these people. They drink beer, then write about it. It’s mostly microbrews. Check it out, get suggestions for new beers, or argue with them.

The Natural Gamers – Again, I know these people (Shaun at least). They review video games, talk about upcoming releases, or reflect with nostalgia on those ancient games of yesteryear that left a good impression. They don’t use a point system, which I like.





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