Music Video Madness – Can’t Shake This Feeling by Grum

I really love good music videos. This is one of the best I’ve stumbled across recently:

The idea of a world where pornography consists entirely of women in 80s exercise clothes cramming food into their mouths is so delightful to me.

The creepy afro guy is perfect. And the music is pretty decent. I might have to check out the album. It reminds me of Twin Shadow, except where Twin Shadow wanted it to be the 80s again, Grum understands that it is not the 80s, but that the sound of the 80s can be utilized effectively.

Once you’ve watched the video, go back to 2:22 and read the titles of the DVDs. The best. And the ‘amateur’ video at around 3:10 is so very creepy.

Anyway, check out that video. Good stuff.


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