Musical Monday – mbv by My Bloody Valentine

I know of My Bloody Valentine only through a college professor I had a year or two ago. I checked out their album Loveless and I didn’t really take to it. Maybe I came to it late – Loveless came out in 1991.

But it wasn’t bad, so when I heard that My Bloody Valentine had released a new album, I figured I’d check it out. It is actually their first new album since Loveless. It’s called mbv.

You can listen to the whole thing here, by which I mean YouTube, because it’s all up as a playlist on YouTube.

The first two songs drone and feel slow. Lackadaisical, I’d say.

Then the third song also drones and goes on forever. And as the fourth song starts in with this constant crystal humming, I get the feeling that My Bloody Valentine is just not a band for me.

I wish that genres were useful to me at all. Wikipedia lists mbv as an alternative rock album, which I could conceivably be into, but it also lists it as belonging to the ‘shoegazing’ genre and I don’t know what the fuck that is. So I investigated.

I gazed into the abyss, and boring music gazed back.

Shoegazing is a stupid genre and the Wiki article bored the hell out of me, but of interest is the fact that shoegazing artists view vocals as an instrument. They use vocals just for additional noise, and don’t place much value in lyrics.

Now, when I was listening to mbv, I kept nodding off. Granted, I was hung over, but the album is a sonic soporific. I think that, on a better day, it could actually be a kind of musical meditation. I think I understand the allure of shoegazing music, but I’m not into it, and this album feels dry.

But also this:

shoegazing musicians

As a bonus, Tim – who couldn’t get through the first two songs – has this to say: “Better luck next 20 years.”


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