Max Frisch Made A Neat List

I found this blogpost while tooling around ye olde internette, and I thought it did some neat things.

You just know that as soon as that pipe comes out, it’ll be followed by witticisms.

So Max Frisch makes this list, yeah? And it’s got twenty-five questions to ponder. Here are the first five:

1. Are you really interested in the preservation of the human race once you and all the people you know are no longer alive?
2. State briefly why.
3. How many of your children do not owe their existence to deliberate intention?
4. Whom would you rather never have met?
5. Are you conscious of being in the wrong in relation to some other person (who need not necessarily be aware of it)? If so, does this make you hate yourself — or the other person?

The answers to these questions would likely be very interesting. But I’m intrigued  by how the list is set up.

See, in Question 5, there’s actually two questions. But, when I initially read the list, I also thought of Questions 1 and 2 as being connected – the words of Question 2 refer to the words of Question 1. But what if they don’t?

I think Frisch might be leaving room for us to answer this question however we want. Because, if Question 2 is distinct from Question 1, and I believe it is because it is numbered differently for a reason, then not only do we have to come up with an answer, we have to come up with the question. And it’s a big one – why. It’s probably the question.

So I think, in a way, that not only is Frisch asking us difficult questions, but he is also offering us the opportunity to ask ourselves the most difficult question. The list then becomes like a test – are we able to ask why?

Are we able to answer?


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