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Music Video Madness – Can’t Shake This Feeling by Grum

I really love good music videos. This is one of the best I’ve stumbled across recently:

The idea of a world where pornography consists entirely of women in 80s exercise clothes cramming food into their mouths is so delightful to me.

The creepy afro guy is perfect. And the music is pretty decent. I might have to check out the album. It reminds me of Twin Shadow, except where Twin Shadow wanted it to be the 80s again, Grum understands that it is not the 80s, but that the sound of the 80s can be utilized effectively.

Once you’ve watched the video, go back to 2:22 and read the titles of the DVDs. The best. And the ‘amateur’ video at around 3:10 is so very creepy.

Anyway, check out that video. Good stuff.


Musical Monday – mbv by My Bloody Valentine

I know of My Bloody Valentine only through a college professor I had a year or two ago. I checked out their album Loveless and I didn’t really take to it. Maybe I came to it late – Loveless came out in 1991.

But it wasn’t bad, so when I heard that My Bloody Valentine had released a new album, I figured I’d check it out. It is actually their first new album since Loveless. It’s called mbv.

You can listen to the whole thing here, by which I mean YouTube, because it’s all up as a playlist on YouTube.

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Max Frisch Made A Neat List

I found this blogpost while tooling around ye olde internette, and I thought it did some neat things.

You just know that as soon as that pipe comes out, it’ll be followed by witticisms.

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Wordy Wednesday – Sail 25 by Jack Vance

Sci-fi short stories can be really hit or miss for me, but that’s true of most short stories. There’s a limited amount of space to tell the story, and in sci-fi I really want to learn about the world and technologies involved as well as the characters.

Sail 25 by Jack Vance is very well done. I read it as part of a collection called ‘The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction’ that brought together stories that focus on, well, the seven deadly sins. Sail 25 focuses on sloth.

A flute-playing space devil is not in Sail 25.

A flute-playing space devil is not in Sail 25.

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Musical Monday – Full of Fire by The Knife

The Knife is coming out with a new album – hooray! If this song is any indication, it will be weird and good. If the video is any indication….well, I can’t imagine what this video would be an indication of. Check it out:

The Knife’s new album, ‘Shaking the Habitual’, comes out on April 8. You can pre-order it here (if you cannot wait for madness to find you and must instead seek it out).

Video Games – Terraria

So I’ve been playing Terraria.

I don't even know why those fish are there.

I don’t even know why those fish are there.

Like, a lot of Terraria.

Too much, really.

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