Musical Monday – Crystal Castes (III) by Crystal Castles

I love that Crystal Castles calls every album they have ‘Crystal Castles’.

This is a 2012 album that I forgot to review. In short, I liked it.

It has a generally low tone, with deep growls and weird noises, but Crystal Castles knows how to make interesting songs out of strange stuff. The album as a whole flows nicely, but I just can’t dive too deep into what they’re doing. It’s like electronica for ghosts – I’ll love it when I’m a creepy ghost, with all kinds of ghost thoughts, but right now I think it’s good but not great. I’d put this in the Mid-Range.

Quick edit: I would not recommend using this record as a way to get into Crystal Castles. I got into them through their second album – called, of course, Crystal Castles, which the community calls (II). Try stuff like Empathy or Baptism.

I like Intimate – here:


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