Musical Monday – Hide and Seek (Cover) by Thomas O’Brien

Hide and Seek is one of my favorite Imogen Heap songs. It’s just got something going for it. This cover is amazing. It’s just a piano cover.

See, for me, that cover effortlessly hits every emotional highpoint that the original does, but without any of the words. Amazing.

I’m not a music person – I mean, I love music, but put a guitar in front of me and I’m as likely to think it’s an oddly shaped liquor bottle as a musical instrument. I can’t play an instrument, is my point. So I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to play a cover of a song with just a piano and come out the other end with the same impact.

I found Thomas O’Brien’s account on the Cracked forums – he is apparently the brother of Cracked columnist Daniel O’Brien. As I said there, I don’t want to live in a world where this guy isn’t famous. Such talent.

Here’s the original by Imogen Heap, for reference.


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