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Wordy Wednesday – Sleepers Awake by Kenneth Patchen

Knowing nothing about this book, I dove into it expecting nothing.

What I got out of it was confusing, but ultimately just a reflection of my own beliefs.

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Musical Monday – Crystal Castes (III) by Crystal Castles

I love that Crystal Castles calls every album they have ‘Crystal Castles’.

This is a 2012 album that I forgot to review. In short, I liked it.

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Wordy Wednesday – On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness by Arthur Guiterman

Here, read this poem.

It has a perfect ending.

Musical Monday – Insane Clown Posse Reviews Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

I don’t even know what is going on here but it makes me laugh.

The video says it the best: “That was the wackest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

The 2012 Album Review Part 2

Here we are again. Lot of new music this year. I covered the first half of the year (or so) in the Half-Year Album Review 2012, so check that out again if you’d like. This will cover the other albums I listened to. At the end, I’ll compile both lists – just the artist names and album titles – into the system I use, so you can compare and undoubtedly complain and argue with me. Do so! I enjoy music conversations, and also showing other people that they are wrong.

Without further nonsense, the 2012 Album Review:

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Wordy Wednesday – Ishmael in Love by Robert Silverberg

If I see one more story – I mean it, just one more – that has anything to do with humans wanting to fuck dolphins, or dolphins wanting to fuck humans, I am seriously going to flip my lid.

Come on in, the water’s great.

I got a bunch of short story collections, and a handful of ‘World’s Best Science Fiction’ compilations were involved. I read the 1971 edition, and there’s a story in there called “Ishmael in Love” by Robert Silverberg. Guess what it’s about?

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Musical Monday – Hide and Seek (Cover) by Thomas O’Brien

Hide and Seek is one of my favorite Imogen Heap songs. It’s just got something going for it. This cover is amazing. It’s just a piano cover.

See, for me, that cover effortlessly hits every emotional highpoint that the original does, but without any of the words. Amazing.

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