Wordy Wednesday – Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock

It’s a novella, it’s short and to the point, and it was okay.

So Karl, he’s all depressed, right? And his lady-friend is very sharp with him, cruelly attacking his beliefs. So he goes to visit this guy he knows, and the guy has a time machine, so Karl uses it to looking for Jesus Christ.

One of those days, you know?

Well, eventually Karl finds Mary and Joseph. Mary is a whore. Joseph is a selfish jerk, deriding Mary at every chance he can. Their son, Jesus, is a retarded hunchback.

Karl believes in the story of Christ so powerfully that he steps into the role. He gathers disciples, gives sermons, and becomes determined to live this through to the end.

Though, once he’s on the cross, he begs to be let down. But he says it in English, so no one understands him.

The writing was keen, but the premise was just off for me. Karl didn’t seem really focused on meeting Christ, he just seemed to want to hang out in Christ-times. His motivation was unclear – he wanted to meet Christ, but why? I mean, did he just want to talk to him? To try to see if he was actually the son of God? To prevent him from dying on the cross?

I mean, I get the big ideas here. They just aren’t presented in an interesting way.

Overall, I’m fifty-fifty on this one. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t long. If you’re looking for a quick read that won’t stick in your mind, go for it.


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