Musical Monday – Cyrk II by Cate le Bon

Ah, the sweet, measured tones of Cate le Bon!

I liked Cyrk, which I talked about in the Half-Year Album review found here. (Might take a second to load, as I put in a lot of videos and a ton of words. Sorry!)

This is something like a B-sides, I think. I didn’t know how to feel about that at first.

But now I love it!

Only five songs long, Cyrk II opens with “What is Worse” and this sounds just like I want Cate le Bon to sound. It’s a little seventies hippy-dippy but man oh man does le Bon know how to make that workable.

“The Eiggy Sea” has some steady tapping going on here at the start. I don’t know what to make of that. Haha, now it’s kind of stopping and starting. Excellent. The guitar here is … I don’t even know, at times it has like a rising and falling thing going on, at other times it is all like a person just fiddling around, jamming some tunes. Very interesting.

“That Moon” begins slow, almost stately. Ah, and le Bon does her high-and-soft singing voice that I love.

But I missed the point where “That Moon” ends and the next song, “Seaside, Lowtide” begins. This is the exact same problem I had with Cyrk, and probably with Me Oh My, another of her albums. She doesn’t vary her sound enough, it’s all very low key.

But damn, is it ever good. When I hear a Cate le Bon song, I know immediately that it’s a Cate le Bon song.

The closer, “January”, is actually just different enough that I like it the best. It maintains her sound but is somehow fresh. I just can’t make up my mind about this style or music-making!

Overall, Cyrk II is pretty good. I couldn’t find any of the songs on YouTube, which is normally my go-to place for song-linking. But here it is on Amazon, and it’s only $4. At less than a dollar a song, Cyrk II is a really great deal. Get it!


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