Musical Monday – City by Client

This album starts with a piano, wraps some synth around it, and then carries into the first lyrics, which are: “Life is cruel and then you die.”


Client was a recommendation from The suggestions from can be all over the place. I picked this one at random.

If you don’t know what is, and you listen to a lot of music on your computer, go check it out.

But Radio, the first song, is already a bit repetitive. It isn’t that they return to the chorus too often. It’s that the lady singer (more bonus points!) repeats the exact same line over and over in the second half of the song.

The second song makes me think that this album came out in the mid-90’s, but Wikipedia tells me that it came out in 2004. I’m sensing a lot of 1980’s influence, like they made an 80’s album and then ran it through a computer. Probably one of those old computers that took up the entire wall.

He had to put it in his living room because it shook his car apart when he cranked up the bass.

Hm, “Overdrive” has a neat creepy feel to it, and the synth here sounds like someone is plucking the strings on a laser-cello. Lyrics are still repetitive, but it works here. Actually, the next song (“One Day at a Time”) has a lot of repetitive aspects too, but I’m digging it more. Her voice is doing a little reverberation and echoing, and the synth is more upbeat instead of the numb drone the first two songs had.

Oh shit yeah this album is definitely inspired from some 80’s and 90’s synth pop music. “In It for the Money” has a drum beat and two synth tracks laid down around it, some vocals, and that’s it. I think the term would be ‘toe-tappingly good’ if it were just a tad slower. There is a dim siren noise in the background, which is, you know, not good. Annoying. But at least it’s in the background.


Oh I think I really like the song “Pornography.” But, again, the constant repetition of lyrics isn’t a strength. It grates on the nerves. I get it. I heard you the first time. Move on.

And the next song, “Down to the Underground”, really showcases how awful a song can be when the lyrics consist of a line or two that are just repeated endlessly. I liked when this song ended.

Oh but “The Chill of October” has some really excellent strings in it. The whole song is dark and a little sad in tone.

“Theme” sounds like just that, the theme to a video game or something. No lyrics. Can’t tell if this is a strength or weakness. But the next song, “Don’t Call Me Baby”, also starts off as if it were a video game theme song. And the lyrics, it’s like, her voice is nice but the words need another spin through the, uh, word-o-matic. The song lyrics word machine, I guess. And by the end of the song, the drum beats in the background are irritatingly monotonous.

Do you want to know the most repeated lyrics in “It’s Rock And Roll”? Say the last four words of the previous sentence! You are a songwriter! It’s not a bad song, I like some of the weird change-ups and there’s like a little breakdown for some weird electronic noises, sounds like a laser xylophone maybe.

But with lasers, you know?

The last song, “Everything Must End”, also has a grim feel too it, like “The Chill of October”. As I listen to it, I imagine the dark moment in an 80’s movie – the hero has lost everything, and the bad guy has all the cards, but then it’s time for the hero to just get bad-ass, you know?


Ugghh I don’t know, overall I didn’t hate the album but I really didn’t like it either. I listened to the whole thing on Friday night, and by Saturday morning I had forgotten about it entirely. I can’t recommend it but I am going to look into their other stuff, City has earned Client at least that much.


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  1. i just listened to “radio” on youtube.. i am curious.. but at the same time, it was a bit too repetitive. Kind of reminds me of ladytron in a way, they have a lot of songs where they find a line and repeat it for minutes.

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