Musical Monday – Radio Stuff 1

I lost my iPod at college. There’s very little chance that I’ll get it back, so I’m forced to listen to the radio.

At first I thought this chart was claiming that transmitters turn the original signal into DNA. Image from Wikipedia.

This is a big loss for me. I’m driving? My iPod’s on. I’m walking? iPod’s on. I’m sitting in the library between classes, hating college students? iPod’s on!

Still, the radio isn’t all bad. When I’m not listening to NPR, I flip through the channels. I just want songs I recognize. It’s a bonus if I can sing along.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a radio station that exists in the present day. I’m only getting stations from the 1990s at the latest, and many more that range back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Maybe my radio is haunted? Or my car is part Tardis?

I don’t drive a DeLorean so it’s weird that I’m not hearing current-day music is my point.

Still, I’m hearing music that I haven’t heard in ages! The Village People’s YMCA was on, and I haven’t heard that song in over a decade. And maybe two days after I lost my beloved iPod, I was treated to Super Freak by Rick James.

These aren’t songs I’d ever seek out. My preference leans towards female singers, typically that just has the woman singing and playing one instrument (piano and guitar get priority). I hope that my involuntary radio listening will broaden my appreciation for all kinds of music.

Then again…

I think there’s a rule that a Stone Temple Pilots song or a Jane’s Addiction song absolutely must be playing at all times on the radio. The station doesn’t matter! One of their songs must be playing! In particular, I hear Jane Says about once a day. I hear it so often that, just a day or two ago, I was driving in the car with friends and complaining about having to hear Jane Says every day when motherfucking Jane Says comes on the radio. I think I am under a Jane Says curse.

Listen to it! Feel my pain!

The biggest loss for me is the absence of Regina Spektor. Roughly half of all the music I listen to is hers. I find myself thinking snippets of her songs during the day, but these pieces are just painful reminders that I’ll be hearing Jane Says on the ride home instead of the brilliant Consequence of Sounds; or the heart-breaking School is Out, which has more than once choked me up; or the cheerful cacophony of Love, You’re a Whore that uplifts my soul every time I hear it; or the plaintive openness of Dog and Pony, that has some lyrics that always cut straight through to the core of me (“there is no clean slate”, if you were wondering).

Instead of Emmy the Great, or Jenny Owen Youngs, or iamamiwhoami, or Bat for Lashes, or Crystal Castles, or Zoe Keating, or St. Vincent, or The Knife – rather than any of those, I get stale music from decades in the past.

Well, now that I’ve brought up St. Vincent, has anyone listened to Love This Giant? What did you think?

But oh well! I didn’t mean to complain so much. I don’t mean no harm, I just don’t know (don’t know don’t know) what else to do about it.

Ahhh get out of my head Jane’s Addiction.


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  1. because of the close proximity of rick james and janes addiction, the thought “james addiction” entered my mind… its not a thought i want.
    And i really miss 92.1! It was the only station i trusted to leave on.

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