Musical Monday – Shrines by Purity Ring

The opening of Shrines has some nice chiming tones, but it uses too much of a start-and-stop for the background beats. I like the echoing quality imposed on the singer’s voice.

The second song, “Fineshrine”, begins and it sound very much like the first (which was “Crawlersout”, sorry). Same vocal adjustments, same start-and-stop beats, same slow pacing.

“Ungirthed”, the third song, has a warbling bass sound, and even uses the start-and-stop hesitations of the previous songs. The album is already dragging on me, like the mental equivalent of swimming while entangled in seaweed.

The fourth song happened.

The fifth, “Grandloves”, has a guy singing along with the main singer lady, and he’s doing a voice that I think of as the “baby-i’m-being-so-real-with-you-right-now” voice. It’s when r&b or hip hop singers, almost universally male, put that emphasis in their voices when they want you to know that they are singing from the heart. It always sounds facetiously insincere to me. Also the song isn’t good.

Song six, “Cartographist”, has more warbling bass. If ostriches farted out of their mouths into PVC tubes, it would sound like this.


“Belispeak” and “Saltkin” initially sound exactly the same to me. Are they just copy-pasting songs now? But no, they are different enough that Purity Ring could not sue itself for infringement. Maybe they should, though, to distract everyone from their pedestrian music.

Song nine, Obedear. I’m listening to it. I hear it. It is sounds. Someone put these sounds together.

There’s only two more songs on the album, but I need a little break already. It all blurs together.

Okay, “Lofticries”, song ten. This is the one I heard all over the place before Shrines was released. I think I remember being intrigued by it, but when I hear it as part of the album I don’t get it. It fits in, certainly, and stands out just a little though I can’t say why. Maybe just because I’ve heard it before.

And then the last song drifts by without leaving any impression at all.

Pictured: Purity Ring. I didn’t know they made wife-beaters with pockets, but there you go.

This album is a mishmash of slow hip-hop, dubstep, and soft electronica. It manages to avoid any of the possible high points of these genres and instead dives right into the fetid sewer of the worst combinations possible.

The album is so smooth as to be unpalatable as well as sonically bland. If it were food it would be recycled Wonder bread, covered in pre-chewed oatmeal.

Do not get this album. Do not listen to Shrines.


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