Musical Monday – Peaches Does Herself (A Musical)

I love Peaches. I don’t exactly love her music.


Peaches wrote a musical, and I am interested in musicals, especially ones that involve musicians I know. But when I saw this trailer, I knew I had to see this one.

Check it out, though it’s not safe for work; pretty much anything Peaches does is NSFW:

This isn’t Peaches’ first foray onto the stage. She did a one-woman adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar called, of course, Peaches Christ Superstar. What else could it be called? I wish I had seen that. I’ll have to see if any of it is on YouTube.

But Peaches Does Herself is apparently based loosely on Peaches’ own life. Peaches is, in fact, a musical project created by Merrill Nisker. According to this article by Australian newspaper The Age, Nisker even refers to the Peaches character she plays in the third person. So there’s layers here. I liked hearing about this divide. The message Peaches conveys is interesting, but I always had the feeling that if I met Peaches in real life, she’d be an obnoxious person I hate. But it’s an act, so apparently not!

Now, I can’t promise that Peaches Does Herself will be amazing because I haven’t seen it. But I am pretty certain that I at least will thoroughly enjoy it. The trailer’s Vimeo page has a short synopsis of sorts up, where I learned that this

‘anti-jukebox musical’ written, directed by and starring, Peaches, tells the story of a young woman who, inspired by a 65-year-old stripper, begins to make sexually forthright music. Her popularity grows and she becomes what her fans expect her to be: transsexual. She falls in love with a beautiful she-male, but gets her heart broken and then ventures on a path of self-discovery.

There is not a single word of that synopsis that I don’t love.

Peaches, doing…something.

First off, my love of absurd-looking theater is absolutely not ironic. I’m not smirking at it, I honestly, unabashedly love things like this. Because, I don’t know, I think people see overt displays of deliberately ‘odd’ art and write it off as useless or childish. And that’s totally just me speculating. But I also think that this stuff has real value. And Peaches has put thought into it.

When I started looking into Peaches Does Herself, I dredged up that article from The Age (which I will link right here again, if you want to read along). On the second page, Nisker – or Peaches, or whatever – talks a bit about her perspective and aim with Peaches. Here:

While having fun, Nisker – who openly despises the gay/straight question – sees herself as something of an educator. “I think women have had their sexual revolution,” she says matter-of-factly.

“But I don’t think men really ever did. In the process women really grew, while men are still really afraid of other straight men. I don’t really know, but for them I think they’ve still got a long way to go, so I’m trying to help them out.”

Which is . . . huh, well, I guess I think it’s a good point.

Okay, okay, you made your point, stop gloating. And turn your vagina off, the light’s in my eyes!

And later in that same article, Peaches even directly addresses one of her main goals – to become mainstream. Her justification for it makes a lot of sense too:

“More than ever I think it’s important for someone like me to be seen as mainstream,” she proposes. “Look at hip-hop at the moment. It’s all ‘girls girls girls’ – it’s ridiculous. So I don’t think there’s any reason for me to be underground or even edgy or alternative”.

So yeah, the lewd act is partly designed to grab your attention, but it isn’t just for Peaches’ self-aggrandizement or ego. It’s to bring you over to hear her perspective. Her music isn’t just reactionary, though there are seeds of that within the music. And, although I think she might be fighting against something too big for any one person, she has identified a problem and seeks to fix it.

Dare I say . . . Doctor Peaches?

To come back to Peaches Does Herself, I want to see it because it will perhaps reveal a bit more about Nisker/Peaches while at the same time being a fun musical with solid concepts about society and music.

So I learned something. Here’s an idea I hadn’t encountered. That’s good art.

And that was just from seeing the trailer and digging around briefly – so, yes, I can’t wait for Peaches Does Herself.


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