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Wordy Wednesday – A World Out of Time by Larry Niven

Yes, excellent! I got hooked on Niven with Ringworld a while ago, and A World Out of Time is just as good. Maybe better. Well, no, not better. Less good. That’s what I was looking for.

A man from the 1970s, Corbell, has himself frozen. He hopes that in the future there will be a cure for his cancer. But he is woken up in a new body by The State, a world-wide government that needs someone to pilot a seed-ship to new worlds and, well, seed them with packages of algae to help stabilize the atmospheres on the planets. It’s a long-range plan to populate the galaxy with humans.

Corbell is having none of it.

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Musical Monday – Radio Stuff 1

I lost my iPod at college. There’s very little chance that I’ll get it back, so I’m forced to listen to the radio.

At first I thought this chart was claiming that transmitters turn the original signal into DNA. Image from Wikipedia.

This is a big loss for me. I’m driving? My iPod’s on. I’m walking? iPod’s on. I’m sitting in the library between classes, hating college students? iPod’s on!

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Wordy Wednesday – The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

I read this one over the summer. Verdict: I liked it.

But it isn’t as interesting as one of Bester’s other novels, The Stars My Destination.

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Musical Monday – Shrines by Purity Ring

The opening of Shrines has some nice chiming tones, but it uses too much of a start-and-stop for the background beats. I like the echoing quality imposed on the singer’s voice.

The second song, “Fineshrine”, begins and it sound very much like the first (which was “Crawlersout”, sorry). Same vocal adjustments, same start-and-stop beats, same slow pacing.

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I’m Fine – A Suicide Story

“I just wanted to let you know,” Dr. B says, “I read your story, and had to give Counseling Services your name.”

Art helps. You’ll see what I mean.

It’s just after nine in the morning. Too early for many things, this among them. But I’m nodding gamely, telling her it’s fine, I understand, it’s no big deal.

“We have procedures to follow,” she says. She sighs and shakes her head. “I feel so stupid, you know? I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m good, I’m fine,” I assure her. I cannot count the number of times I have to say this to people. I’m good. I’m fine. The undercurrent?

Leave me alone.

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Video Games – Far Cry 2 is Terrible, Part 2

The game has a buddy system; they are just friendly NPCs who help you or ask for help from time to time. The first part of the game, I liked the buddies. Specifically, I liked Michele Dachss. I’d get a quest, she’d call me up and offer an additional way to fuck over both the UFLL and the APR. She was always full of piss and vinegar, snapping about how she hated all these bastards and wanted to hurt them. My kinda gal. We had good teamwork.

Michele, seen here doing sit-ups at a safe house. She needs to stay in shape for all the bloody-thirsty ranting she does.

Then she dies at the end of the first act. All your buddies do, apparently. I couldn’t find a way to prevent it. And then, act two tried to replace Michele with some piece of shit scumbag, Xianyong. When I do a quest, Xianyong would call me up and whine. He was very annoying, and most of his side missions involved covering up for him. I had no motive to do so. I started ignoring him after a while. He’s no Michele, that’s for sure.

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Wordy Wednesday – On the Road by Jack Kerouac

I like to read old classics. On the Road qualifies, or so I have heard.

Large pieces of it are autobiographical. I’m not sure what to make of that. Kerouac picked out pieces of his travels that were interesting, and then . . . what? Jazzed them up to make them more interesting? Added in fictional accounts of events to make the novel work?

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Musical Monday – Peaches Does Herself (A Musical)

I love Peaches. I don’t exactly love her music.


Peaches wrote a musical, and I am interested in musicals, especially ones that involve musicians I know. But when I saw this trailer, I knew I had to see this one.

Check it out, though it’s not safe for work; pretty much anything Peaches does is NSFW:

This isn’t Peaches’ first foray onto the stage. She did a one-woman adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar called, of course, Peaches Christ Superstar. What else could it be called? I wish I had seen that. I’ll have to see if any of it is on YouTube.

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Video Games – Far Cry 2 is Terrible

Far Cry 2 starts with a five minute cut-scene, where a man drives me to a hotel, I get malaria apparently, and then the man I’ve been sent to kill rummages through my possessions as I lie helpless in bed. He mocks me and leaves.

We’re off to a great start! I’m having a lot of fun being useless.

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Going Back to School

Today, my (hopefully) last semester of college begins. If there are lags or delays in my posting schedule, well, sorry. It’s probably because I’m sitting in the library at school, drearily plodding through research as the last dim flame of joy in my soul flickers on the edge of going out.

The college experience.

Have a good day! Far Cry 2 review comes up tomorrow. Spoiler – I hated it!