Musical Monday – Confess by Twin Shadow

The first song is a good choice for a first song. It eases me into the album, with a nice rolling action between the drumbeats and what sounds like synth-bass beats. It has some sparse piano notes in it too, I’m always into that.

The second song, “You Can Call Me On”, has a nice tapping stagger to it. It’s like robots playing with metronomes.

And the next song, “Five Seconds”, has a lot of excellent forward motion that makes me want to dance. They layer a lot of nice flowing melodies over the steady drum beat. It has a kind of 1980s synth guitar bit too. Just a few descending notes, but it really adds something to the song.

“Run My Heart” is ehhh. If I heard it on the radio I’d probably change the station.

I find myself nodding along to “Beg for the Night” but other than an okay beat it seems bland.

“Patient” is good! High tones doing a ringing kind of ‘do-Do-do-do-do.’ I don’t know, it’s hard for me to fit this one specific piece of the song into words. It’s good though, trust me.

Then the album becomes repetitive. The songs blur together; they all start to sound the same. The whole album has a background 80’s smooth pop tone. It’s okay in a couple of songs, but over the course of the album it irritates me.

Ugh, this album does something I hate. It has a ‘hidden’ track at the end. That means the last song has a run time of eight minutes, with a long gap of silence in the middle. This was cool in the 90s – at least, it almost made sense then. But now that pretty much every music playing device shows the track length, it’s a huge waste of time. Oh, the last song is 9 minutes long? Great. So either it’s a needlessly long song or the album has a secret track. Now I need to either sit through three or four minutes of silence when I want to listen to music, or I have to wait for the first part of the last song to fade to silence, then jump forward bit by bit until I hear music starting again. Awesome, of course I want listening to music to be a chore, thanks.

Overall, this is a Mid-Range album for me, most likely towards the bottom. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it has a handful of songs that are decent.


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  1. haha “this guy wants it to be the 80s again so bad” Its sooo true. Im pretty sure i like the album, though iv listened to golden light more than anything else.

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