Let’s Drink Beer – Helios Ale by Victory

An impulse buy ($4 for one pint six ounces), I bought this Helios Ale because it has a happy sun on it. Maybe, I thought, they use plasma taken directly from old Sol to brew this beer.


Just in case it’s so hot it burns my tongue right out of my head, I put a small glass of water nearby. That’ll help.

Helios Ale pours a murky yellow-brown. My fingers on the other side of the glass look like thick shadows. The head is thin and very white.

It has a sharp smell. I think it’ll be bitter, just on the smell alone. The color and smell combined hint at a citrus flavor. I hope not – I’m not big on fruity beers.

Taste is slightly bitter, very sharp, and – sadly – a bit of citrus flavor. Well, the sharpness fades with another sip or two. And it isn’t harsh. Hoppy? Is that what beer-folk call it? Yeah, this beer hops, maaaaan.

Not pictured: Grateful Dead poster. (Source)

It isn’t much of anything. It’s okay, and I like the back-of-the-throat tingle it gives, but I don’t think I’d drink it again.

Wow hm, the second pour has a ton of head. What is going on? Tastes the same, though – average.

Oh I forgot – it’s 7.5% ABV.

Overall – eh, not offensive but unimpressive. One bleaaaahhhh.



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