Let’s Drink Beer! – Wells Banana Bread Beer

Just bought a bottle of Wells Banana Bread Beer and I’m a tad hopeful about it. It certainly looks interesting.


Immediately after opening it, I could smell banana bread. I’m drinking it warm because I didn’t want to wait for it to chill in the fridge, and I had read some reviews that indicated it might be better warm. I’m going to put the rest in the refrigerator now. Once it is cold, I’ll try it again and compare.

It pours a clear medium brown-orange. The head is small. It looks surprisingly appetizing – I had assumed that they might try to color it a light yellow or something, to make it look like banana bread.

Hm, the banana bread scent is gone. Now it’s just an extremely faint fruit smell covered mostly by a malty smell.

The taste isn’t unpleasant – because there is very little to taste. It tastes like it smells – like a malt beer stirred with a banana. Disappointing – I’m not usually into fruit beers, and I had hoped that this banana bread beer would be the one to help me along.

Fruit beers often have too powerful of a fruit taste for me, but this offering by Wells has gone too far in the other direction. It doesn’t taste like banana bread (or even just bananas). It’s just an average malt beer with a touch of fruit. There is a very, very light dry finish. Hardly noticeable.

It’s 5.2% ABV, and although I won’t likely get any more, I have to admit that it is amazingly smooth.

Tried it cold – not much difference. Actually a slight increase in banana flavor, but not enough to change any of my opinions.

Okay, not great. Two duck butts.

Or maybe they’re drowning?



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