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Timmo Tuesdays: A Review of Arkham Asylum

The stars aligned: the new Batman movie was about to come out, a dirt cheap Steam sale appeared, and I’d been long overdue to play Batman: Arkham Asylum since it was released. The action adventure pits Batman against the Joker, who has seized control of the island fortress prison known as Arkham.

“And me without my bat-umbrella!” (Source)

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Musical Monday – “It’s Getting Boring by the Sea” by Blood Red Shoes

This was in a movie, wasn’t it?

Well, I really like the energy in the song. Short and to the point. Makes me want to drive faster when I hear it in the car.

I think I have a Blood Red Shoes album kicking around, I think I’ll track that down and see what the rest of their stuff sounds like.

Oh the video is, uh, it could use improvement I guess?

Let’s Drink Beer – King Cobra

Ah, there it is. Old Faithful, I call her. A proper 40 oz. bottle of King Cobra just somehow looks more intimidating than other 40s. Is it the phallic imagery? I bet it’s the phallic imagery.

Boy, now I can’t wait to wrap my lips around the tip and suck out the flavorful juices within!

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The Dark Knight Rises – An Okay Film

I saw The Dark Knight Rises. It was so-so. Batman’s bat voice seemed more ridiculous than usual. Bane’s voice was, as far as I could tell, done by German Sean Connery.

Spoilers below.


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Wordy Wednesdays – A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr.

Civilization has fallen. Mutants lurk in the wasteland. In what used to be the southwestern United States, somewhere in the Utah range, a small abbey of faithful Catholic monks has gathered. They protect what they call the Memorabilia; the scraps and shreds of the old world, hidden for decades from the chaos and destruction of everywhere else.

Nice day. Maybe I’ll preserve all human knowledge. (Source)

A Canticle for Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller Jr., impressed me.

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Portal 2 (again) – Gameplay, Colors, and Lighting

Having finished the game completely, I have a few more thoughts (which means I’m averaging about six thoughts per day).

It’s funny because it’s true! (Source)

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Portal 2 Review (and stuff)

Steam roped me into buying Portal 2 by putting it on sale. Ten dollars for a game I was pretty certain would be excellent? Yeah, I couldn’t help myself.


Now, I’m not done with the game. I’m not even sure how far I am into it. But I’ve played enough to know what I like and what I don’t. So, uh, here is a rough outline of those things. I start with the things I liked, which, though brief, is actually most of the game. Then I talk about things I didn’t like, and at the end, I talk about some great things I loved.

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Wordy Wednesday – Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars

I’m reading Red Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson. I’ve heard about it for years. It’s supposedly one of those great sci-fi novels that every sci-fi fan should read.

I think I’m going to follow this post with another about what I like in sci-fi and why I think it can be a powerful form of literature. For now, just some reflections on the novel and complaining about a character who complains too much.

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Let’s Drink Beer – Sam Adam’s Norse Legend (Sahti)

I got suckered into buying this because the back of the bottle claims: “Legend has it that barrels of this ancient brew were found on sunken Viking ships.”

I know it’s bullshit advertising, but man. Why wouldn’t I want to try it? It’s escapism in a beer. I can pretend to be a Viking while drinking it.

This is what I thought I might look like after drinking the beer.


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Half-Year Album Review 2012

It’s the half-year album review, 2012 edition! As before, the Top Tier is the best, Mid-range is stuff that ranges from good to okay, and Bottom Rung is like drinking hot sewage from a moldy, rusted metal bucket. Also there are dead spiders in the sewage.

Before anything else, it is only fair of me to tell you that Regina Spektor released an album this year.

Obviously, this means that I am terribly biased when it comes to rating albums. She fractures the system, and I can’t hold to any kind comparison unless it would be her 2012 album What We Saw from the Cheap Seats against every other album released this year. Her music is the British Petroleum to my Gulf of Mexico – everything becomes opaque and animals are dying and how can I spend any time thinking about other things then? In the interest of balance, and maybe some form of objectivity (in a subjective area like music), Regina Spektor gets her own category.

It must be noted that her category is above the other categories by such a wide margin that, if the other albums are, I don’t know, let’s say rooms in a house. Yes, if other albums are rooms in a house, then Spektor’s album is like the life-giving light of a distant sun shining down on a planet so beautiful that to merely look upon it instantaneously grants you wisdom far beyond all mortal ken.

And this sun is in a different universe.

On a higher plane of existence.

Anyway, the point is that I won’t be talking about her album within the confines of this meager rating system. Here’s the rest of the other album, by people. They’re okay, I guess.

Also! I think the Songs of note sections are new. Those are songs that are just a cut above the rest of the album, and you may want to check them out to see if you’d like the album. I didn’t include them for Bottom Rung albums because I don’t think you should listen to those albums.

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