Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter via Facebook

The number three movie in American this week is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The person’s profile we chose to look to judge this movie is Sean Surreptitious Ryder’s Facebook.

He posted this about the movie, “Project Take Back Blog initiated. Half-year album reviews from Tim and I should be up by the end of the week. The reign of Creepy Jeff must end. (Thanks for keeping it alive though, Jeff!)” I found his blog and found this review of the movie. https://syntheticsean.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunter-movie-review-not-by-creepy-jeff/

He has a cartoon of a woman holding a gun instead of any of the number of ridiculous photos tagged of him on Facebook.

He seems to like women who play pianos, video games, and doing backflips

He appears to have an unnatural pride and obsession with the amount he sweats (he claims, “I SWEAT THE MOST.” more like the moist.)

He claims he was born on Christmas. What an ego maniac.

He keeps his Facebook friends to a tight 55. You have to respect that.

What kind of middle name is Surreptitious.

Based on his review of the movie and my review of his profile Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a fun action packed movie. It is not the kind of movie where you will be blown away by the writing or the plot, but the title says it all. Abraham Lincoln fighting vampires there is no reason not see it on the big screen. Actually I am sure there are some reasons not to see it on the big screen, but if you are looking for a fun movie to see this summer and like presidents or killing vampires this one’s for you.


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