Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted via Google+

The number one movie in theaters this week is Madagascar 3 and the social network profile I’ve decided to to use to judge whether the movie is any good is Nozavi Psydok’s Google+ profile.

This is his post about the movie: “Since it’s already #giraffethursday … went to see Madagascar 3 yesterday and let’s just say it’s a pretty decent addition to the series… If you liked Happy Feet 2 or Ice Age 2/3, you’ll surely enjoy Madagascar 3. It has amazing graphics, a cool soundtrack (Hans Zimmer ftw + Katy Perry + Spice Girls + … well, find out for yourself!) and a cute story. I didn’t laugh as much as I expected (especially in the first half) – although a lot of the people around me did – but I didn’t leave the cinema disappointed, so I really think it was worth my time :)”

He is a mustachioed man from a large city in Romania with an avidity for aviator sunglasses.

He works for a website that, “indexes information and provides software downloads. The site also covers major technology, science, health, and entertainment news from both external and in-house sources and provides software and game reviews (Wikipedia).”

Most of his posts seem to be about nerdy things; video games, stories about hackers, computers, etc.

While his seems pretty positive about Madagascar 3 an earlier post about Prometheus was not so forgiving: “…unfortunately, Ridley Scott fails to offer a good thriller…Don’t expect the same fast-paced, heart pounding action found in Alien… [or] the same eerie, dark feel found in Alien…Prometheus didn’t provide any insights I wasn’t aware of already after doing a bit of digging.”

My review of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted based on Nozavi Psydok’s review of the movie and my feelings about his profile goes as follows: If you enjoyed the other Madagascar movies and/or you are a child you will enjoy this movie. It relys on the same jokes and musical breaks as the last two. There will be no surprises in way of storyline or character development just more of the same and a bunch of one-off jokes.


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