Snow White and the Huntsman via Twitter

The current number one movie in America is Snow White and the Huntsman and for this review we turn to the less invasive social network Twitter. Again I will review this movie by weighing a random person’s review of the movie against how I feel about their social network profile. Our Twitter reviewer goes by the name Vonch. She had this to tweet about this movie.

“SWATH Review :”Snow White” is a marvelous summer movie….Superb visuals …With Two Strong Female leads.” and a hyper-link to a review on (

Followed a minute later by this tweet;

“‘I would strongly suggest going to see “Snow White & the Huntsman”- and guys, it’s a good date movie you’ll enjoy too””

Things in her profile that helped influence my review:

Her Twitter handle is Vonch. Urban Dictionary defines Vonch as “a dirty, foul smelling vagina.”

Her Twitter background is a naked Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart embracing each another.

In the little about me section she has this quote; “I’ve always had an aversion to looking sexy, but I’ve grown out of it.-Kristen Stewart”

Most of her tweets appear to be about Kristen Stewart, quoting Kristen Stewart, or links to things Kristen Stewart has done.

In leu of her own review she decided to pull quotes website she must frequent and that I’ve never heard of.

So my review of Snow White and the Huntsman based on Vonch’s review of the movie and Vonch’s Twitter profile is; While the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman may look action packed and exciting, it boils down to little more than a chick-flick for chicks who buy into the Twilight version of a “strong” female lead. Which is to say, a female character who instead of falling for the nice romantic guy falls for a guy who is self involved, dangerous and in a very teenage way she decides she can’t live without him. Somehow that qualifies as a strong female character for todays woman. This is the only character type that Kristen Stewart’s face can portray and I bet she was the perfect fit for this movie. Even if Thor and Bella don’t have a strong romantic storyline in this movie, I am sure that it is after he finds her and they fight only to become friends that it is his influence that convinces her into going back into the kingdom to Fight the evil queen. This movie is full of one dimensional characters and terrible dialogue. It’s only saving grace is that they dumped most of their $100,000,000 into the cinematography and special effects. If you are looking for a movie to zone out during and to take a couple of naps while your girlfriend pretends that this is an action movie and that you both are enjoying it then this is your movie.


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