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Advice – How to Talk to Women (Part 1)

Trouble talking to the ladies? Do you get all sweaty and nervous around women? Are you staring a life of crushing despair and loneliness full in the face, and you think that if you don’t do something soon your whole life will have been a huge waste of time and energy? We’ve all been there.

Well, no, actually we all haven’t, some people are just better than us. But you and I? Yeah, we have trouble. But worry no more! I have gazed deeply into the abyss, and I have journeyed to strange lands under foreign stars, and I return to you now with the accumulated wisdom of dozens of awkward, socially inept jerk-offs who have braved the dating scene.

Think of me not as a savior, but as a cross between Indiana Jones and Gandalf. Got that imagine in your head? Now fatten it up a little. Yeah. Little more. Okay, good. Add a chin. Good, good, and some bags under the eyes – whoa, you’re way ahead of me there! You’ve got it, pal. That’s me. Adventurer-wizard, bulging with knowledge in all the wrong places.

No hats! (Source)

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter via Facebook

The number three movie in American this week is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The person’s profile we chose to look to judge this movie is Sean Surreptitious Ryder’s Facebook.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Movie Review (Not by Creepy Jeff)

We’re trying something new – a movie review that isn’t by Jeff, and therefore isn’t a borderline invasion of privacy! Or really creepy!

Mad spoilers below.

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Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted via Google+

The number one movie in theaters this week is Madagascar 3 and the social network profile I’ve decided to to use to judge whether the movie is any good is Nozavi Psydok’s Google+ profile.

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Snow White and the Huntsman via Twitter

The current number one movie in America is Snow White and the Huntsman and for this review we turn to the less invasive social network Twitter. Again I will review this movie by weighing a random person’s review of the movie against how I feel about their social network profile. Our Twitter reviewer goes by the name Vonch. She had this to tweet about this movie.

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