Men in Black 3 Reviewed via Facebook

Let’s try something new. I will be reviewing the number one movie in America without seeing it. Instead I will be judging the movie based on a random persons Facebook profile who posted that they had seen the movie. This weeks movie Men in Black 3 via Destany Barnes – Brennen.

Her post about the movie, “Ok saw 2 movies this weekend “battleship” and “men I’n black 3” loved both 🙂 hubby said battleship was awsome but didn’t care too much for mib. I thought they were great :).”

The first thing notice is she misspelled awesome and didn’t capitalize the movie titles. It’s not a big deal if you are reading this or anything I have written I misspell stuff and have grammatical errors all the time.

We only have her parents to blame for her name.

Her cover photo is clouds and her profile picture is her with a significantly less attractive friend. Does she use that picture to make herself look more attractive or are they just B.F.F.s?

She has 134 Facebook friends, so she is not one of those crazy people that needs to collect Facebook friends to feel good.

She lives in Arizona and works at someplace called Dental Health Management Solutions. She likes El Monterey frozen Mexican food and a tanning and nail spa.

Destany is married and pregnant. Her photo’s consist of outdoor activities, being at parties with friends, and a Doberman.

So based on Destany’s feelings about M.I.B. 3 and my feelings about Destany’s profile I give M.I.B. 3 one and a half out of five unicorns. Do not go see this movie if you are thinking they did anything exciting, new, or interesting with the M.I.B. universe. If you just enjoy going to see movies any movies and you enjoyed at least one out of the last two M.I.B. movies you won’t mind seeing this movie, but you forget you watched it or that it even existed in less then two weeks time. If you like to go see movies that are bad I am sure you will find more than one quote from Will Smith to crack you and your friends up. “Welcome to Erf.”


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  1. based on this review, i rate this movie two outstretched pinkies, and one sliiiightly curved ring finger.

    • Uh, guys, stupid rating systems are MY THING HOW DARE YOU. Both your ratings get zero stars out of five stars. Yeah, it looped back around into normal, shitty ratings.

      Also Jeff this is just flat out creepy. Why…why is necessary for you to tell us where she works? That’s, yeah, that’s creepy. I think we need to have a talk about what you CAN do as opposed to what you SHOULD do.

      Tim where are all these video game reviews I keep pretending you’re talking about.

  2. It was all public information and I didn’t want to get all sexist and just say she was a dental hygienist or a receptionist, but it didn’t say she was a dentist. I wanted to make people think more about their Facebook privacy settings as much if not more than thinking about seeing MIB 3. But you are correct we should talk about more of what I can do and we should have a process of getting you a copy before it is posted.

    • Man I know it’s public info but like, damn, you had to go looking for it, and then definitely used it to make fun of this total stranger. It just feels weird.

      Like, where you say she is married and pregnant, I absolutely expected the next line to be “I wonder what her baby thought of the movie, I should climb up into her uterus and ask it.” It borders on that level of weird.

  3. All of it was right on the top of Facebook profile page. Facebook default privacy settings are creepy, that’s kind of what I wanted to get across. I mean there was a little map with locations she frequents pinned. I was going to just take some things from her profile and make jokes directly comparing them to what the movie, but I got equally bored and creeped out looking at a strangers Facebook profile so I just grabbed the most accessible info and got out. I thought there might be something funny in this idea, but maybe not.

  4. Interesting concept. I did see both movies mib 3 wasn’t of interest to me. I found it like most other sequels-comical but waste of time. I do agree that making a point about some things just a generic “based on what I feel about thus person- id give it….” I don’t see the reason in listing all the personal information. That is very creepy. And who cares about her pictures. Do picture choices help pick a movie? Next time just list your feelings instead of putting a pregnant mom on blast like that. That was kind of a dooch move. Hope you don’t correct all my grammatical errors on this private comment too.

    • Yeah, I was trying to point out how creepy the Facebook is if you don’t lock down your privacy settings and tried to be funny by making snap judgements. But it definitely comes off as very creepy and there are probably several better ways of illustrating my point than making fun of strangers.

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