Monthly Archives: May 2012

Men in Black 3 Reviewed via Facebook

Let’s try something new. I will be reviewing the number one movie in America without seeing it. Instead I will be judging the movie based on a random persons Facebook profile who posted that they had seen the movie. This weeks movie Men in Black 3 via Destany Barnes – Brennen.

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Musical Monday – “School is Out” by Regina Spektor

Give me enough time and eventually, every Regina Spektor song will get its own Musical Monday post.

Anyway, she’s playing this Thursday somewhere in Boston, I don’t even remember where because I am so excited to see her play live.

This song always makes me sad. It just has this lonely, melancholy feel to it, and I can’t even begin to describe the ways in which her music has influenced my life and I’ll stop now before I get too fanboy-ish and gushy.

Enjoy the song.

Wordy Wednesday – “The Beautiful Poem” by Richard Brautigan

Just a short poem by Brautigan today. He’s a good poet. This is a good poem.

Here it is.

Go read it.