Timmo Thursdays? Videogame roundup

Here are some tidbits and things about video games I’ve heard lately. For those unaware, Kickstarter is a website that uses crowd-source funding to get projects made independently. In other words, you pay an artist to get something done and they give it to you. Let the tidbits commence!

  • Currently playing: Stacking. This is a ridiculously cute game where you play as Russian stacking dolls. The visuals are so crisp and neat. The puzzle solving is cool. BUT the game so far has taken hand-holding to a new level.  It is always telling me what to do and where to go, and if I’m ever stuck on any kind of puzzle at the press of a button the game offers solutions (and sometimes tells me without provocation). But still, I hope to review this more in the future.

  • Unconfirmed: Sony is reported to be considering the following two “features” in their new PS4: 1. No reverse compatibility.  2. No used games, any game you play will have to be registered with them online with a unique code. The lack of reverse compatibility is less surprising since they’ve scaled it back with newer versions of the ps3 and their new handheld doesn’t have a disc drive. But attempting to control used games is a disaster in the making. I want to believe this isn’t true, but it’s all too believable.
  • Here’s a neat kickstarter:  It’s a colonial RPG, and if that wasn’t cool enough, then how about this: its going to be freeware. They got the funds to help them make this and they aren’t asking anything for the game. I think that’s cool.

From the trailer on the Kickstarter page.

  • Here’s a bad kickstarter: I like the idea of companies using this method of funding to get out localizations. But this is so messy its boggling. They want 500k to bring a deluxe box edition of a game (who knows, they might bring over the digital version regardless of this). And it’s a sequel to a first person dungeon crawler that didn’t do so hot with reviews. Further, it’s for the PSP on a physical format that’s being phased out. The cheapest way to get the game is for $60 and for some reason you only get a digital download with $100 or more. The best thing I can say about this project is: if it can succeed, anything can.

tidbits fin


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