Timmo Tuesdays: Album VS. Album

Two albums enter, one album leaves with the satisfaction of being the one I enjoyed listening to more.  The rules: each recently released album gets exactly 3 listens from start to finish. I’ll write a blurb on 4 of the best tracks on each and then declare a winner based on whatever album I’m more excited to keep listening to. The contenders this week:

Jenny Owen Youngs’ “An Unwavering Band of Light” VS. Ingrid Michaelson’s “Human Again”

This was a brutally hard comparison. Both are strong albums, both a sortv pop-rock-piano driven by the vocals. Before even listening im expecting a pretty tough decision. Song highlights:


I’m through: a nice slow song with piano and strings. It balances minor and major in a really appealing way.

Blood brothers: This has what I’d call a roadtrip vibe, a persistently bouncy rhythm that reminds me of traveling.

Black and blue: A great catchy pop song that really comes together towards the end.

How we love: folky acoustic song with a stand-out line of “we hate the rain when it fills up our shoes, but how we love when it washes our cars”

Here’s an awesome version of Blood Brothers:


Already Gone: This would have to be the catchiest song of the week. I feel like I could disco dance to it.

Wake Up: Maybe my favorite song on the album, has some great dynamics when it shifts into the line “I wake up good, I wake up fine”.

Love for Long: finger snapping, trash can banging, carefree song… and something about a corpse being dragged out of a lake. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

Pirates: pirate themed songs automatically get 10 free points.

Bottom line

I’m pretty happy with both of these albums, they’re energetic, a little silly, with clever lyrics  but there is a clear winner for album I felt more pulled to. And the winner is…………………..

An Unwavering Band of Light by Jenny Owen Youngs. There were just more songs that struck me and are already sticking in my head. Both albums definitely deserve more listening, but for now I have to give the edge to Jenny.


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