Timmo Tuesdays – “The Rip” by Portishead

Hey its still Tuesday in some time zones!

This week I bring you a YouTube link of Portishead’s “The Rip”. I cant say I love everything by Portishead, but man does this song give me shivers. It starts with this quiet hum surrounded by strings and an airy feel. About halfway through the song makes this transition onto synths that I constantly anticipate.

I have no idea whats going on in the video,  but I know at one part it looks like there’s eyeball monsters shaped like tie-fighters (or is that x-wings?). So really I think the song is about Darth Vader coming to terms with the fact that he’s never ridden a horse. But yeah, the video is strange and it fits the feeling of a strange song. And I like it, yes I do.

willll i folllowww……………………….


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