Musical Monday – “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men

It’s folksy, it’s Icelandic, and it’s pretty good.

I’m not sure I’ll love it forever, but for now, I keep coming back to this song every few days.

The pairing of the two lead singers is an amazing move – they are both very strong, and this song really shows that. When they sing in tandem is when the song is at its high points.

The video has a nice black-and-white contrast with some brilliant colors. I like how the sailors walk in time to the music. I love how the monster shouts in time with the “Hey!” from the song (around 1:50 in).

Other than that, this video is insane and I don’t understand it. I like it though. Neat style, good pacing, excellent visuals.



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  1. oh man, that video was so much more insane than the accoustic one.

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