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Timmo Thursdays? Videogame roundup

Here are some tidbits and things about video games I’ve heard lately. For those unaware, Kickstarter is a website that uses crowd-source funding to get projects made independently. In other words, you pay an artist to get something done and they give it to you. Let the tidbits commence!

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Wordy Wednesday – “Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes” by Billy Collins

Sorry I skipped Wordy Wednesday last week. I’ve been buried under schoolwork and it slipped my mind.

Today I have a short poem for you. I really like it – go check it out.

Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes

On subject matter alone, I’d probably really enjoy it. But Collins is a decent poet at the very least. The image of him “sailing toward the iceberg of her nakedness” is what sticks with me the most.

Musical Monday – Kaki King

I’m buried under schoolwork, most of which is writing assignments.

Enjoy this excellent song by Kaki King.


Musical Monday – “Oblivion” by Grimes

I really like her soft crooning in this song.

My attitude towards the song has doubtlessly been influenced by the video – I love that she just went to all these different events and just danced around in the crowd. She gets people to dance with her and is generally weird. Love it.

Could do with less shirtless-man-mosh-pits, though the musical change when that pops up (around 2:30 if I recall correctly) is pretty neat.

Definitely worth listening to, and I might even check out her album.


Let’s Drink Beer – Four Loko Chatty Review

It doesn’t have caffeine anymore, but both Tim and I still wanted to try Four Loko – it’s 12% alcohol and flavored.

Here we have some quick reviews, which we noted as we drank them.


Tim had the Blue Raspberry flavored one.


Tim’s Comments:  “It’s like they crushed up some Smarties and…it’s really gross.”

“This is ghetto juice mixed with bad booze.”

“This is like Sparks without the kick! Which must be the caffeine. I keep thinking This must be Sparks, but it’s missing something.”

“It has a caffeinated burn to it, without the kick. I don’t know, it’s not good. Actually, you know what would make it better? Cutting it half and half with Sprite. That’d cut the awful taste while giving it some caffeine.”

“I dunno, it’s okay! I’m really drunk now though.”



I had the Loko UVA. (It was grape).



Sean’s Comments: “It’s like someone put kool-aid powder in a 40.”

“That should be the tagline – Four Loko – It’s got alcohol. And then the guy trying to sell it to you just shrugs and looks embarrassed.

“I think we should make Going Loko a thing. It’s where you drink a little bit of Four Loko and then you quietly regret all the decisions that brought you to this point.”

“I want to just drink it really fast but my body just panics when I try to, and I involuntarily clench my teeth and my throat starts convulsing and I have to stop.




After that, we had 40 oz. King Cobras, and this exchange happened:

Tim: Oh man, something about the Four Loko is making the aftertaste of this King Cobra taste AMAZING!
Sean: Fucking yes, totally agree. King Cobra usually tastes like a snake spitting venom into your mouth, but now it’s like sweet ambrosia.


So yeah, Four Loko is so awful it makes King Cobra taste good.

Wordy Wednesdays – “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

I Liked: how Burroughs sets up the world; some of the fantasy ‘technology’ presented.

I Didn’t Like: Carter himself isn’t likeable; the pedestrian nature of the novel’s “Carter is an American superman who has arrived to dominate all of Mars.”

Overall: I wouldn’t recommend this, unless you really love old fantasy novels – and I mean old. Burroughs wrote A Princess of Mars in 1917.

A Princess of Mars is the first book in a long series of books by Burroughs. It’s a Disney film now – you’ve probably seen the ads.

I read this book in preparation for the movie, John Carter. I love sci-fi books and movies. I wanted to see what the book was about before I checked out the film.

Then I made the mistake of reading reviews about the John Carter film. Now I think I might skip it. But on to the book!

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Timmo Tuesdays: Album VS. Album

Two albums enter, one album leaves with the satisfaction of being the one I enjoyed listening to more.  The rules: each recently released album gets exactly 3 listens from start to finish. I’ll write a blurb on 4 of the best tracks on each and then declare a winner based on whatever album I’m more excited to keep listening to. The contenders this week:

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Musical Monday – “Los adolescentes” by Dënver

I can’t understand the lyrics, and the video is odd, but I like the beat!

Even though I don’t understand the words, the sound of the vocals is nice. It’s got ‘feel-good song’ written all over it to me, but since the lyrics could contradict this, I just have no idea.

I’m going to check out some of Dënver’s other stuff. I hope it’s all as good as this song.

Wordy Wednesday Roundup 1!

I’ve read two novels and two short stories recently – and now I’m going to talk about them.

Brief summaries first, slightly longer reviews under the cut.

The novels: a sci-fi novel called Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton and a fantasy novel called The Witch Watch by Shamus Young.

The two short stories are by Philip K. Dick: Behind the Door and The Crystal Crypt. You can get them both from the Gutenberg Project if you have an e-reader.

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Timmo Tuesdays – “The Rip” by Portishead

Hey its still Tuesday in some time zones!

This week I bring you a YouTube link of Portishead’s “The Rip”. I cant say I love everything by Portishead, but man does this song give me shivers. It starts with this quiet hum surrounded by strings and an airy feel. About halfway through the song makes this transition onto synths that I constantly anticipate.

I have no idea whats going on in the video,  but I know at one part it looks like there’s eyeball monsters shaped like tie-fighters (or is that x-wings?). So really I think the song is about Darth Vader coming to terms with the fact that he’s never ridden a horse. But yeah, the video is strange and it fits the feeling of a strange song. And I like it, yes I do.

willll i folllowww……………………….