Timmo Tuesdays: Songs I can’t get enough of

There are just some songs that don’t get less awesome no matter how many times left on repeat in a drunken stupor (or a sober stupor even).  TV on the radio’s “Wolf Like Me” is one such song of uncontainable awesomeness. It may just be I’m a sucker for songs about werewolves, but this is a special one to be sure. The beat and bass-line carry a haunting energy. And the lyrics sound like they were written by a bona-fide werewolf (can’t say for sure that they weren’t). There’s also this great dissonance made by some kind of brass, and by the end of the song I am ready to run through the woods shirtless.

We’re howling forever, oh oh.

Note: I actually don’t have much of an opinion about this video, I think because when I hear the song I rock out so hard I stop watching what’s going on.


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