Musical Monday – “We Share Our Mother’s Health” by The Knife

“Take me somewhere weird,” I told my iTunes as I put it on shuffle. It took me to The Knife.

My favorite song by The Knife, it has everything I like about them – weird, jerky sounds on top of steady electronic percussion, with slightly distorted vocals. The voices work together very well here – and they are both from the same woman with the pitch changed.

The video isn’t great. I like the stark colors but the imagery is off. It always reminds me of the complex relationship between songs and the accompanying video. I wonder – would a good video make me appreciate an average song more? Really good songs can have bad videos and it doesn’t bother me.

I prefer that the video has at least some connection to the song, either in tone or tied to the lyrics somehow. Browsing Wikipedia, I found that the creator of the video for “We Share Our Mother’s Health” had this to say about it:

“The animation starts with a girl that wakes up from a long sleep and starts searching for a sacred apple. At the end of a nightmarish story the girl is able to find her apple but only to discover the real price that she has to pay for it.”

So, you know. There’s that.

“We Share Our Mother’s Health” is a single from The Knife’s Silent Shout. It’s a solid album all around, if you like your music to feel like something aliens play at dance parties.


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  1. “this video is about a girls search for a sacred apple. Also, surgical tools and bondage.”

  2. but seriously, there must be so many ways they couldv made a better video. Because the song is awesome and so is the imagery of weary sea travelers looking for land to pillage. And then that video is just like… heres some creepy bondage in red and white.

    • Exactly! The video does not do the song justice AT ALL. I just really want anyone who directs a music video to understand that while their concept for a video could be amazing, it should fit the song – even if the video has this sort of distance or dissonance with the song, they should be related.

      This video was shit. I give it my lowest rating – one crying child on an airplane.

      • haha i guess i dont hate it as much as you, it at least goes with the rythym and i guess the artist felt inspired by the song… but it couldv been so much better. I give it two crying children on a ski lift… or maybe half of one crying child………
        Maybe my least favorite kind of video are the ones where the band just plays their instruments… like… why even make a video???
        No wait, maybe this is my least favorite kind of video:

  3. actually, i feel like we could make a rating system based on how high youd need to be to think the video is good. Like we share our mothers health, i think if i was really drunk id think the video was good. Whereas with that crystal castles video id need to be tripping pretty hard.

    • Haha, yeah, we can rate it in ounces of alcohol, up to 80 ounces (2 40s), after which it switches over to grams of cocaine or eighths of a shroom.

      And that Crystal Castles video is terrible. Is this the ‘fashion music video’ you were telling me about? It’s just people in ugly clothes standing around. If I wanted to see that I could just go to any Nine Inch Nails concert ever HEEEYYYY-OOOOO!

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