Regina Spektor Releases Single From New Album

First, go listen to it immediately on Soundcloud. Or through her website (which just embeds the Soundcloud track, but still).


“All the Rowboats” is an old song. Spektor has played it live numerous times, but this new version departs significantly from the old one. The old version was just her singing and making noises while she played piano. It’s very stripped down. Check out the old version for yourself:

The new version has a lot of big sound, and the ‘gun noises’ (as I think of them) are now heavy mechanical beats, though Spektor’s voice still comes through underneath. It has more electronic noises. It is excellent.

The new album,What We Saw From the Cheap Seats, supposedly comes out sometime in May – but this is according to a Facebook post, so who knows. I’m dying to hear it though; Spektor is a musician that moves me like so few others can, and she does it so consistently it’s hard for me to believe.

“All the Rowboats” will be on iTunes tomorrow.

I’m going to hold off on talking about how much I love Regina Spektor’s work for another post – but you can bet I’ll be talking about the new album pretty much as soon as it comes out. I can’t wait for a tour as well – I haven’t seen her live enough. It’s almost like a religious experience for me. Wait, I said I’d spare you the gushing nerdy fandom love for another post.

I will say I’m hoping that “Loveology” will get the studio treatment.  Just listen:

It was on her Demo Tape, if I recall correctly, which was nice. I still want a fresh studio version.

Okay just a little gushing here I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ALBUM I CAN’T WAIT OH MAN OH MAN THIS DAY IS A GREAT DAY alright that’s enough for now.


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  1. hell yeah!!!! i would have no problem if the album was renamed loveology. I cant wait.

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