Musical Monday – “Black Tongue” by Mastodon

It’s a solid metal song!

Mastodon makes good music, even though I haven’t loved their latest, The Hunter, taken as an album. Individual songs off that album, however, are pretty good.

Take this:

For me, the drums come through powerfully in this song. Even when they’re showcasing a bit of guitar, the drums are pulling on my ear.

Now, I’ve talked about Mastodon before, specifically their latest album The Hunter. I wanted to like the album, but it just felt bland.

I think part of the probably was that I listen to Mastodon albums as a united concept. Both Leviathan andCrack the Skye were concept albums and had a single unifying theme behind them. This theme surfaced in the songs, and served to link the songs together to form a cohesive album.

The Hunter just didn’t have that structure, and I couldn’t delve into the album like I wanted to. It isn’t a bad album – it just isn’t as good as their other albums. Mastodon has set the bar pretty high for themselves, and I hope they return to a concept album next.

Bonus! When I first saw the track-list for The Hunter, I had hoped that it was a cover of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song of the same name.

It isn’t, but both songs are good. Hopefully this Yeah Yeah Yeahs song gets a metal cover some day.


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