Indie Game – Iji

I play games mostly to see how to story works. If it’s a good game, the story will be interesting, make sense, and involve believable (or entertaining) characters. If it’s a bad game, the story will be cliché, confusing, or twist itself into knots just to give the player an excuse to move on to the next level or area.

I like this gun, even though it knocks you down when you fire.

Iji, by Remar Games, has a good story. But even if you don’t care about storytelling in games, Iji is worth playing.

I urge you to play the game right now, without reading any further. There are minor spoilers under the cut, and Iji is best enjoyed by playing through and learning as you go. Check out the official trailer – watching it again has gotten me all pumped up to play Iji again:

It’s a side-scrolling platformer. You play as a cyborg girl, Iji. She’s modified with nanotechnology after an alien invasion of earth. The aliens, called the Tasen, have conquered Earth as far as you can tell, and your first goal is to get to one of the Tasen commanders and start up some diplomatic relations. You have some guidance through the levels from Iji’s brother, Daniel, who is hiding from the Tasen.

You can finish the game in under five hours, but the replay value is pretty high – there are some posters to collect that are hidden, there’s two secret levels (if I recall correctly), and there’s just so much to do and so many skill combinations.

The excellent hacking mini-game. What you're missing - the excellent metal soundtrack, that keeps the game feeling heroic and chaotic.

Here’s a short and probably incomplete list of Iji’s features – you can kick down doors, hack open doors, hack into chests and find ammo or ‘nano’ (which works to fill you experience bar so you can buy new abilities), kick enemies, combine weapons to get new guns, ride around on motorcycle things and run over enemies, fight a great recurring villain, use your hacking skill to sabotage enemies, smash through glass on the previously mentioned motorcycles, or play as a pacifist if you want.

There are rewards for playing the game in different ways – you get altered events depending on whether you killed anyone or not. And there are at least two major story events that you can change or avoid entirely, if you know how.

I really love Iji. Every few months, I’ll play through a level or two again just to remember how good an indie game really can be.

Do yourself a favor and play Iji – it’s free and a ton of fun! You can get it right here, and you can get the soundtrack for free on that same page.  You are seriously missing out if you don’t at least check it out!


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  1. iji is too awesome. Like the guy making it forgot freeware games arent supposed to be that awesome. To think what he could do with a studio budget….. makes me want so many more games. And theres just somthing about that trailer.. i could watch it over and over and somehow experience what i love about the game. Do you remember the trailer to the movie moon??? I feel the same way about that one, and i think just like iji its because the music used in the trailer is amazing.
    And! this is tim.

    • I didn’t remember the trailer to Moon, but I just watched it and you’re totally right, it got me all excited to see the movie even though I’ve already seen it.

      And for Iji – if Remar never gets work with a studio budget, I’d be totally happy if he just kept making Iji sequels. Level after level, things always ramping up like crazy. You could go on space adventures, fight aliens ship-to-ship like a pirate, single-handedly stop the destruction of worlds with your awesome nano-skills.

      There aren’t enough games like Iji.

  2. oh man, a space sim / platformer where you play as a tasen or komato??? id soooo play it.

  3. Oh man, I downloaded this back when you sent me the link on FB, and then totally forgot about it until this blog post. That was really quite amazing. Especially, considering it was a no budget freeware title! Thanks for re-bringing it to my attention. Great gameplay, great story, and awesome soundtrack!

  4. Oh, and would it be cool if I do a short review, and link to your blog as well? I would like to do my part and get the word out, even if only a little bit, about Remar Games!

    • Yeah man, I ain’t got no exclusive rights to reviewing Iji. Everyone should know about this game, you don’t have to link back here.

      Also fuck yes, that soundtrack! The boss battle at the end was one of the best unions of gameplay and music I’ve ever experienced. The music perfectly suited the fight. I’m getting pumped up to play it again!

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