Wordy Wednesdays – “Kokoro” by Natsumi Soseki

This novel is no lighthearted space adventure, which is mostly what we’ve looked at so far.

“Kokoro” dwells on loneliness, guilt, and human connections.  Can we really come to know each other? Are there not always shadowed, hidden areas of the psyche, secrets we keep from each other out of fear or shame?

Don’t we hide things from ourselves, as well? If we do not truly know ourselves, how can we share our true essence?

While I finished “Kokoro” a few weeks back, it’s still there in the back of my mind. My mind will turn in on itself with these questions. It got me to think; I’m still entangled with it.

The writing is solid, but the ideas backing it are terrifying and beautiful. I highly recommend it.


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