Musical Mondays – “Joints” by Holly Miranda

I saw her open for Tegan and Sara and she was amazing. I bought her album, The Magician’s Private Library, immediately after the show. I really loved her performance – one song in particular stuck out to me.

There’s a real dream quality here. Her voice is either submerged in the music, helping everything to drift along, or it’s cutting through everything else in an effort to wake you.

When I saw Holly Miranda open for Tegan and Sara, the venue brought up a variety of colored lights, which illuminated the thick stage fog around and behind her. It was very much like watching a pastel dream seep into reality. Any time I hear “Joints” I can see her performing, wrapped up in that brilliant mist.

No One Just Is” is another quality song, and the album has at least two more excellent songs on it. Amazon has it for about $9.



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