Bad Poetry Time

Been writing shitty poems. Here are a handful of limericks about me that I thought were kind of funny.

There once was a terrible loser
Who was known as kind of a boozer
Drank his shit life away
Which is very cliché,
But a beggar can’t be a chooser.


There once was a young man called Ryder
As trustworthy as a spider.
He is a failure in life,
Took a chance with a knife,
And what came out was darker than cider


There once was a young man called Sean
Whose lights just weren’t all quite on
He lacks social finesse
And has no success
And cannot be relied upon

Here is a guy out of Mass
Known for acting the ass.
Small-minded and cruel,
He looks like a fool,
Your average snake in the grass.


About seansynthetic

" I says the the guy, I says to him, 'No, YOU ain't allowed back into this Chuck-E-Cheese.'"

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