Musical Monday! – “Yoshimi” by Vyvienne Long

I’m a little burnt out from the 2011 album review, so this’ll be short.

What to say about cover songs? Like any other song, they have the potential to bore or they can be excellent. What I look for in cover songs is a new take on the song – I don’t want a band to just play the song, I want them to change it a little bit or maybe even a lot.

Vyvienne Long does that wonderfully with “Yoshimi,” check it out.

This is a cover of “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1” by The Flaming Lips. The original has a lot more going on, and is much more upbeat. I love how Vyvienne Long slowed the song down. Without changing any words, she’s completely altered the feel of the song.

Here’s the original, for comparison.

Addendum: I’m always looking for more covers, so if there’s any that you particularly enjoy, let me know.


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