Let’s Drink Beer! – Innis & Gunn’s Highland Cask

I picked this beer up at Kappy’s a few days ago. It was between this and the Original from Innis & Gunn, and the tipping point for me was that the Highland Cask has been “aged in malt whiskey casks” according to the label.

This is the Original, I couldn’t find a good picture of the Highland Cask. Pretty much looks the same, except the label is green. (Source)

So, the beer.7.1% alcohol by volume. It’s brewed in Edinburgh, Scotland. The back label says the beer is “matured in oak barrels which had previously been used to mature 18 year old single Scotch Whiskey.” Interesting method, I hope it pays off.

The head on it is about as thick as my index finger, but it settles to less than half of that. It’s nice and white, too, with some big bubbles in the middle.

The color of the beer is like a dark amber, or a light root beer than has no carbonation. Holding it up to the computer screen, I can read words through it.

Oh also, today’s drinking song is “Knots” by Lisa Hannigan. I love this video.

It smells like, well, beer. It has a slightly thick and sweet scent to it. I’m having trouble deciding if I like it or not. I want to say it smells like maple syrup left out in the sun but that’s not it. I think it reminds me of cheap beer gone stale. Yeah, I think that comes closest. Not great.

But the taste! Oh, the taste! This is a sweet beer. It isn’t syrupy at all, my mouth doesn’t feel like it’s been coated with a thin film of chemicals, which sometimes happens with flavored beers or overly sweet beers. I want to say it has a very very faint bite of vanilla but I can’t be sure. There are some underlying tastes that blend well together – I just can’t determine what they are.

I want to say I can detect a faint scotch whiskey taste as well, but I think that’s just my susceptibility to advertising.

As I drink it, the Highland Cask has a little sharpness to it, on the back of the tongue and in the throat. It doesn’t fade as I drink more.

Overall, I’m not really amazed by this beer. The Highland Cask is smooth and fairly sweet, and I like it, but I’m not sure I’d buy it again. I’ll try their Original some time and see how it measures up.

It gets a C+, or one open grave.



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