Musical Mondays!

I love music. Who doesn’t? Terrible people who are dead inside don’t like music, that’s who. Shame on them.

I also like talking about music, so what I aim to do on Musical Mondays (alliteration!) is pop up some music videos and hopefully talk about them with people who are also interested in that sort of thing.

Let’s start with a crazy song with a crazy video:

I really like this song from tUnE-yArDs, and the video is fairly excellent. I wanted to start with this song because I find it to be sort of a contentious topic – some people seem to really love their sound, and other people really really hate it. I’m not sure what the allure is for me, but it seems to be just this song – a friend of mine had the whole album, and when I listened to it I couldn’t get into it.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think, and always feel free to recommend new stuff – I’m constantly looking!


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" I says the the guy, I says to him, 'No, YOU ain't allowed back into this Chuck-E-Cheese.'"

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