Hey, I’m Sean.

I’m just going to post about things I like, and hopefully people will want to talk about some of them. Anything, from books, film, video games, to technology, beer, and music, is open for discussion here. And hopefully it will be a discussion!

This is mostly a placeholder, so that there isn’t just a blank page. This could be worse, though, because now you’ve wasted time reading this and realizing that nothing interesting is going on here.

Well, what I’m thinking of doing is a variety of things. Topmost would be Musical Mondays and Techy Tuesdays because I am all about alliteration (Ha! Get it?). Maybe, Cinematic Saturdays? Short Story Sundays? Possibilities abound.

I’ll be holding myself to a three posts a week schedule. This is a minimum – with such a wide range of topics, I can easily see myself updating more frequently than thrice a week.

So we’ll see where it goes.


About seansynthetic

" I says the the guy, I says to him, 'No, YOU ain't allowed back into this Chuck-E-Cheese.'"

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